The Little Blush – Mummy Business Feature


With my 9 month old girl currently scooting around my feet in a plain blue tracksuit, I find particular inspiration in gorgeous handmade clothes…. hence the swoon worthy pieces from The Little Blush above.

Brittney Garrick, founder extraordinaire of The Little Blush, is a super talented STUNNING mum of three, living in paradise and creating the most adorable must have items for little ladies’ wardrobes. And to top it off she has been super lovely and friendly while letting me pick her brain.

In all honesty my dream world consists of me being tiny enough to parade around in these clothes everyday. Brittney gives us a glimpse into her creative world and you would be crazy to not go nuts over this mummy venture.

Brittney, how has The Little Blush changed your world?

Before officially opening TLB I was always sewing and making things for my little girl or friends – now I am doing the same thing but I am a whole lot busier. I am so thankful that I am able to work from home and be there for my little family.

What words never fail to inspire you or pick you up?

 “Create the things you wish existed”

If you could have a weekend away with absolutely ANYONE, who would it be? 

I would love a weekend away with my family somewhere warm where our kids are able to run and be wild and free.

How do you relax after ‘one of those days’? 

I love to have a long hot shower after a big day and relax then jump into bed.

What is your favourite item from The Little Blush range

I would have to say “The Britt Tunic”. I made one for my little girl and was always asked where I brought it from. It also happens to be my best seller. I love seeing other people’s little ones in my designs especially on their birthdays.

Where’s your favourite escape destination? 

I love the beach and I am lucky enough to live in Queensland, we spend most of our weekends during the spring and summer at our local beaches after wandering through markets. It is the perfect way to relax on the weekends.

What was the biggest lesson you learnt in the first year of The Little Blush?

I think the biggest lesson I learnt was to be true to who I am and go with my first instinct – don’t over think things and always be someone that I would like to meet. I have made some great new friends and loyal customers and I have TLB for bringing them to me.

Thank you so much Brittney for letting us peek into the world of The Little Blush, you honestly deserve a ridiculous amount of success.

Find The Little Blush on Etsy

Instagram @thelittleblush


Products above

Feature image – Britt Tunic

Image 1 – Leatherette Bloomers, Cropped mini, The Blush Staple necklace

Image 2 – The Blossom Onesie, Nappy Covers,

Image 3 – The Islander Pants, Cropped Mini  

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