This is my old doll house from when I was a little’un… my dad made it (or so he claims….) and mum painstakingly made/sewed/painted everything that used to fill it. I LOVED my doll house!

Now it sits in my little girls’ room, usually housing blankets, books and toys.

It’s time for a facelift!

The nursery has fifty shades of timber at the moment and so I’m toying with the idea of painting this one…. but what colour? Or should I re-stain the outside and paint the inside?

Am searching for some inspiration and really like the look of the following…. but still deciding if any of these styles will transfer ok.

first world problems hey? 🙂

Would loooove some input!

p.s. The whole nursery needs a redo… more on that later

2 thoughts on “needing some inspiration……

  1. fr3shbaked

    I like the second pic…but I like the idea of different colours inside…haha not much help! Is it heavy? My first thought was it would make a great wall shelf (ie attached to the wall) to hold books and other little girl pretties 🙂


    1. elisewillson

      I’m thinking the same fr3shbaked 🙂 it’s quite deep so I don’t know if it’ll go on the wall ok. I love the different pastel/ grey shades. Would really modernise it I think. …



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